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Bytello OS
The ultimate operating system designed for interactive flat panels.
Achieve better class interactions and immersion with Bytello OS. This flexible and easy-to-use experience can improve your teaching efficiency and support better lessons. Unlock a series of fantastic intuitive tools which help you to engage and delight your students.
Windowed Displays
You can easily read and control your content when standing in front of your panel.You can drag and drop information between the apps. The window is flexible, easy-to-use, designed specifically for Large-screen and Classroom.
Note app
Graphic recognition
The whiteboard Note app can recognize hand-drawn graphics and support rich illustration options instantly.
Shape recognition
Shape recognition will automatically straighten and enhance hand-dawn images.
Handwriting recognition
Convert handwriting into easy-to-read text automatically, to improve legibility.
Smart search
Search for information instantly with a quick and simple function.
Smart table
Create a table with adaptive cell height and width.
Ruler tool
Ruler, triangle and protractor functionality are all built into Note
Instant note
Add instant reminders on the whiteboard and place them in the corner for reference at any time.
teacher's good helper
Vote, students can submit the answer with their device efficiently.
Responder and Selector,teacher can select student to answer randomly.
Message,students can publish the message on the IFP in real time.
Rich and Powerful Teaching apps
You get everything you need in the class with rich customized and
powerful apps and small tools for teachers.
By default, applications for teaching suitable for various teaching
scenarios are provided, such as
Palette, Visualizer, Cloud Drive, WPS Office, Photo.
And a wealth of convenient gadgets included to assist teachers in teaching, such as
Mark, Cast, Timer, Crop, Stopwatch, Spotlight.
Efficient system experience
The shortcut system and centralized sidebar of Bytello OS makes classes more efficient and brings better user experiences to everyone. Efficient shortcuts allow teachers to easily access the files and tools they need in seconds. You can even change the way your sidebar appears.