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Bytello DMS
This software provides organizations with a convenient and fast unified management solution for terminal equipment, builds an efficient and real-time equipment management system, helps digitize the campus environment and makes campus management more convenient.
Convenient Device Management
Access and control your devices instantly through the cloud. You can control and wakeup screens remotely, lock screens when necessary, and more. The in-built Android technology gives you full control over your ecosystem, wherever you are.
LED Video Wall
Device Manage
Interactive Flat Panel
Get Powerful Insights
and Analytics
Make the most of your transformative tech with fantastic analytics. View the operations information for each device in a straightforward interface. Collect and analyze statistics for useful insights or inspect panels for errors. See a problem with a panel? Perform a maintenance procedure or send an instant notification to your IT team.
Unified Application Management
Access absolute application management within a single interface. Enable, disable, install, and update apps on multiple panels at once with quick remote access.
Control your Schedule
Need to run specific processes at a certain time? The Bytello DMS software enables personalized schedules, allowing you to set tasks according to your needs. You can even schedule third-party upgrades and patch times for minimal disruption.
Remote Screen Control
Control all your screens remotely with a combined interface. You can manage all of your hardware from one location, and troubleshoot issues automatically from a distance.
Download client
*In order to get a better user experience, it is recommended that the application be installed on Android 8.0 and above.
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