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Bytello Class
An interactive software solution that provides extensive interactive tools for lesson preparation and teaching. Access endless functionality straight from the browser for simple and engaging lessons.
Instantly engage your students
Immersive teaching tools support educators in making classes lively and engaging.
Lesson preparation made simple
Simple and accessible, the software adapts to suit your needs with a range of tools for slides making. Choose the lesson format that suits you and forget the stress of losing lesson plans. Any edits made to your educational content sync to the cloud in real-time. This means you have a constant backup of all the information you need.
Be ready to teach anytime, anywhere
Unlock next-level efficiency and productivity. You can access the software straight from your web browser with no app installation required. Log in through your browser and you’re ready to go.
Upgrade your teaching performance
With your app installed on IFP, educators can easily log into accounts and load information quick. Within seconds, you’ll be ready to host an amazing lesson.
Collaborate safely and quickly
Collaborate with other educators by sharing lesson plans and resources through the cloud. All content is encrypted by default for security.